How I Feel About Opinion

2 years following it’s series finale, and 11 years after it’s premiere on CBS, I have begun watching the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.  It comes highly recommended by many friends and coworkers.  After watching the first few episodes, I took to Twitter to announce the news. 

The first response started out positive, but in less than 140 characters, the tone shifted to disappointment:

Don’t go too far? Followed by directions to stop before the end of the run.  I was pleased that Chris had replied promptly, but to request backup for his statement was a surprise. Chris and Brian produce a fun, insightful and critical podcast called That Thing You Like, where they consume and review popular culture. Iris was the other half to my own podcast Talkfoolery, which we recently pulled the plug on.  I trust their opinions.

Iris responded by saying I should stop after season “5, and whatever you do, DO NOT WATCH THE FINALE. Worst!”

Brian concurred, and added, “but if you absolutely have to keep going, 7. But after that you. MUST. STOP.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.32.56 PM


Conflicting views.  What am I getting into?  I voice my displeasure with some of the characters’ choices so far, finding ways to scrutinize.  I also know that I am getting to some cultural touchstones soon.  But a seed of doubt has been planted, and I am going to be aware of it once I venture into the latter-half of the series.

Damn you Twitter! Why did I seek your input?  And then I mentioned all “stop after” business over Sunday breakfast, and emphatically heard, “Nahhh, 3!”

Next time.


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