•Soap Box – hour 2

BCIT Radio is Evolution 107.9 FM – evolution1079.com

In anticipation of my class inheriting the airwaves of Evolution this April, we perform weekly radio simuations (“sims”).  This allows each student to carry out a different position at the station, in a trial-mode setup.1079

For Week 1, I drew “Soap Box,” which is a 60-second editorial feature read live on-air.  Inspired by my brother, here is the Soap Box I read in the 10 o’clock hour on Friday, January 18:

“Cyclist” Lance Armstrong has admitted to what many have suspected and accused him of – cheating.

All of his accomplishments, his seven consecutive Tour de France championships, his bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the scores of goodwill he fostered in people when it came to immense charity work – were all manipulated under the calculated eye, or shall I say ‘syringe,’ of the most complex doping schemes to ever plague sports. 

Will his confession reduce his ban on competitive cycling?  It remains to be seen.

Here’s an idea; why not start your own Tour?  Rally all of the cyclists who have been ostracized by these proceedings and start an all-doping Tour.  No substances banned,  Do what it takes to win, and shatter the public’s view of what is humanly possible. 

If you can’t compete on someone elses terms, do it under NO terms!  You can be a champ again, Lance. 

Dope Tour.”

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