To say that my vacation has not gone according to plan would be an understatement.  Many have noted it, and I readily agree.  That being said, my experiences have still been memorable; ones that can never been duplicated.

On the night of the Egyptian revolution’s success, I again find myself glued to TV news coverage, witnessing history.  While similar to the Tunisian people’s celebration, the scale of this change is immense, and has a tremendous regional and global impact.  It will be extremely interesting to see what comes from this, and how many more countries in the Middle East/North Africa will follow suit.

Now that I have been on the African continent for 2 social uprisings, not only do I wonder if I will be present for the toppling of other corrupt regimes, I want to see it.  It would be a great addendum to my travel story.

Two dominoes down…


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  1. Big life events happen in three, or so says my ma.
    I have to say, while I don’t envy the worry and uncertainty of actually being there, I do envy the fact that you have been an eye-witness to these incredible events.

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